Shipping Help

Shipping Status

What do these different shipping statuses mean?

Order Queued means that your order has been placed, and is waiting to be processed.

Order Processed means that we have received your order and are preparing it for shipment.

Order Backordered means that some of your items in your order are not available to ship right away.  Once the backordered items have arrived they will ship to the shipping address in your order.

Order Complete means that your order has been processed and ready for pick up or shipped to the address provided in your order.


Shipping Times

Shipping times will vary depending on your location. Products (excluding furniture) shipping to our clients in Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Yukon, ship from our warehouse in Hay River, Northwest Territories.  Products shipping to our clients in Southern Canada will ship from either of our Warehouses located in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, or Toronto. For same day pick up of items marked as "In-Store Item", please ensure you order is placed before 2pm and allow us up to 2 hours to pick and pack your order. 
Note:  For our northern shipments, due to factors such as extreme northern weather, as well as Barge, Ferry and Ice Road Schedules, we cannot guarantee delivery by a specific time or date.

Shipping Furniture, Paper, Equipment, Cleaning & Breakroom Supplies and Large & Heavy Items

At Power Surge, we’re pleased to offer subsidized shipping. However, when shipping large or heavy items like paper, furniture, large white/cork boards we incur added freight costs from the shipping company on both incoming and outgoing shipments. If your pick-up or to-be shipped order includes paper products, furniture, office equipment, computers, printers, electronics, cleaning & breakroom supplies, white/cork boards or other large or heavy items, you can expect to see a freight charge on your invoice – but as part of our commitment to keeping products affordable for our clients, there is no handling fee and there are no hidden charges.  Due to delivery restrictions from carriers, furniture and heavy product orders will only be delivered to the sidewalk or door step, and not inside homes or businesses. Please keep in mind, your order may be shipped in multiple packages or shipments (at no additional cost to you) if we are unable to fulfill your entire order in one shipment. If you have any questions about our shipping rates and terms, please email us

Environmental Handling Fees

When you purchase new electronics, the following Northwest Territories environmental fees will be added to your invoice:

Laptop, Tablet and Notebook Computers - $3.00
Computers and Servers - $10.50
Desktop Printers, Copiers, Scanners and Fax Machines - $8.00
Floor standing Printers, Copiers, Scanners and Fax Machines - $40.00
TV's and Monitors less than 30 inches - $12.25
TV's and Monitors 30 - 45 inches - $24.50
TV's and Monitors greater than 45 inches - $40.00

For more information on the Northwest Territories Electronics Recycling Program click here.